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I'm a baseball player. Should I be conditioning during the off-season?

Yes, even though you’re coming off a grueling summer season, you need to replenish your muscles and energy. The main objectives of off-season conditioning are to develop general strength and to enhance sport specific skills. A player needs to focus on three training areas during the off-season:

• Flexibility allows the body to move through its full range of motions. Poor flexibility limits athletic ability, develops lazy posture and exposes you to a higher risk of injury. We use dynamic warm-ups and static stretches before every workout to increase elasticity.
• Resistance training is weight lifting, throwing implements [e.g., medicine ball], plyometrics and uphill sprints.
• Anaerobic training includes sprint drills, sprint technique development and change-of-direction exercises. We’re looking to improve speed and agility, sprint mechanics, acceleration, reaction time and speed stamina.

Neglecting off-season conditioning will hinder your game, regardless of position. For pitchers, it will diminish the speed and accuracy of your pitches throughout a game. Position players may lose bat speed and power output, and may ultimately become so fatigued that they might be unable to finish a practice or game. Lack of development, the inability to recover and fatigue could lead to injuries that will keep you out of action.

Our basic, weekly plan of attack for the off-season is:

Mondays: Lift [Weight Circuit] & Running [Tempo Drills]
Tuesdays: Lift [Weight Circuit] & Running [Agility Drills]
Wednesdays: Off day for rest & recovery
Thursdays: Lift [Weight Circuit] & Running
Fridays: Core Circuit & Running [Speed Endurance]