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1. Catching is 85% mental and 15% physical, so work on thinking about the game more than playing the game.
2. Don't let the opposition's running game be reflection of you, it is the team's job to keep runners from stealing bases.
3. Go to the mound if there is any confusion between you and the pitcher.
4. Be responsible for the pitcher's confidence and mentality, talk between innings.
5. Minimize passed balls or wild pitches by not making wild throws. Catch every third strike and know the third strike rule. Attempt to tag a runner first on a dropped third strike.
6. Don't be afraid to pick runners off in the right situations.
7. Be a leader on the field, but don't be cocky
8. Give good targets and move your body to adjust them, not just your glove.
9. Always remember to play focused and tough but still have fun!